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“Online video is the Swiss army knife of internet marketing. It really can be used all over the customer life cycle, whether it’s customer service, marketing, or even recruitment”.

                                                                                           – Mark Robertson

Corporate Videography

Whether you're an entrepreneur with a start-up idea you can't wait to share, or have been a well established brick & mortar business for years - we look forward to dreaming with you and envisioning what your "next level" will look like. Video allows you to capture an idea and tell a story unlike any other form of marketing. We look forward to connecting with you and finding out how we may best work alongside your business need.


In the meantime, here are a handful of Video marketing ideas that will impact your business.

Business Introduction Video

Are you wanting to present your business, letting your clients better know who you are and the services you provide? Branding your business through video is an excellent way to not only engage your future clients, but also better introduce yourself to your community. This succinct introduction will be a powerful “get to know me” that can be shared on both your web-site and on your social media outlets.


An overview of what this looks like:

  • An hour interview with you will equate to a 1.5-3 minute video encapsulating who you are as a business person/owner and will well introduce your business services. This can often times include coverage of your business space.


Speaker Presentations

Is your company hosting a lecture or message? Whether on-site at your location or hosted elsewhere, we can capture the footage of a day that you’ve worked hard to organize. Whether this meeting spans a few hours or a few days – we won’t miss a beat. This footage can be edited to your liking, depending upon your need.


An overview of what this can look like:

  • 1-4 camera men, depending upon the need. Capturing special speakers, break-out sessions, interview’s, etc. Your logo or Photo’s can be incorporated into the video as well.


Event Montage

Do you have an upcoming holiday party or work picnic coming up? Capturing footage of you and your colleague’s off-the-clock time is a great addition to your social media pages or web-site.  If you’re a company that provides events throughout the year, future employees and other company’s should know about it!


An overview of what this can look like:

  • Event footage, anywhere from 1-8 hrs, with necessary cameramen. This can be edited as necessary, for online posting.  Is the CEO playing volleyball at the company picnic or are the employee’s winning awards at your Christmas party? Small 1-2 minute clips of these events are great for company morale and community engagement.

Social Media Updates

Has your business recently reached a new goal or added a new product or service? Sharing the momentum via Social Media or Company Web-site is a wonderful way to let your [future] clients and the local community know!


An overview of what this can look like:

  • These can often be anywhere from 30 seconds – 3 minutes, depending upon the news to be shared and the social media outlets you will share this with. Our staff is in the know with length of video time allotted within them (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Projects we've done:


Instructional Videos

Sporting Events

Whiteboard Videos

Promotional Video for Social Media


Non-profit, Church Easter Video

Drone Footage